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Unlocking The Lockdown Stories

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is what the author Juhi Jaisinghani believes in. When everybody is talking about the uncertainties happening during the lockdown 2020, she tries to show you another side of it.

A software engineer losing his job with no clue about his passion, a couple trying to revamp their almost broken marriage, a police officer on the verge of forgetting his old dream, a girl cheated on by the love of her life still looking out for love, a couple about to get married with everything planned, an orphan guy desiring solace, a girl waiting for her childhood sweetheart, a high-profile journalist considering love for granted, an airhostess in hope of the biggest opportunity of her life, a struggling actor almost always making the wrong choices and regretting about it—life indeed gave them lemons they would be able to make lemonade of, or they would give up against time.

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