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TOSHIBA 7 kg Fully -Automatic Top loading washing machine (AW-J800A-IND_SILVER) (SILVER)

7 kg top loader dark silver color with premium looks and feature rich. This model is driven by direct drive motor technology.

” I-clean during each washing cycle, The self clean is automatically done each time once you do the laundry., further care for consumers’ health. “
“Tub Clean – Cleans up the residue and bacteria in the tub. Your health will be further guaranteed by selecting this function because dirt and residues inside tub will be cleaned up by water flush flow.”- “2 years warranty on product 10 years warranty on motor”
“The 3 waterfall streams, 864 water holes and 140 rpm rotation speed create multi-directional water flows have significant saving in power/time/water while achieving better cleaning performance and protecting fabric. -For saving: Water Saving up to 4.8% Power Saving up to 26.9% Time Saving up to 22.2% “
“For better cleaning performance and protecting: No Wrap Flow: Two dual direction flows further scatter the laundry to avoid wrapping and tangling. Upper Push Flow: Upper push flow can press down the floating clothes and enhance the washing effect of clothes by fully contacting with water and detergent. Gush Flow: Gush flow is generated by the pulsator to lift the heavier clothes at the bottom to avoid excessive wear of the laundry.”

Steps to Get TOSHIBA 7 kg Fully -Automatic Top loading washing machine (AW-J800A-IND_SILVER) (SILVER).