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The Antidote: Say Goodbye to Stress And Anxiety For Better Decision Making

Can’t help but feel that you made the wrong decision? Are you always thinking about every outcome that you end up ditching away the whole idea and just not do anything? It is safe to say that every person on the planet faces that on a daily basis in both life and work. There is a whole bunch of living to do and yet we spend so much thinking pondering about outcomes that eventually are out of your control.

What if there was a way to make decisions without thinking if it was right or wrong? A regret-less decision, if you will. This is where we introduce Shaun. Shaun Miller is your average joe, with a 9-5 job that , like you, faces everyday problems of the modern man and going through the motions of life and the sh*tstorms that it produces. Shaun did have a problem that some of us may be all too familiar with, overthinking about decisions in both work and life that he ends up getting stressed and anxiety from having to make decisions. Rather than making a decision, he runs away from the problem or ends up blindly choosing one. Suffice to say, the choice was always unsettling.

Decisions can be made simpler but it begins not at the choice or problem you have to solve, but within you. In The Antidote, Shaun injects some of his of own fears in decision and examples he has heard from various people just like him and you. The Antidote introduces an approach to make better decision making without the stress and axiety that comes from having to make one.

This book is not about the end process of making the correct choice every time but the actual journey of knowing why you made that choice. That leaves you with no regrets, even if it may feel like the wrong choice. And that is actually okay. We have much more ahead in life to look forward to.

Rather than being a typical self-help book that reiterates the same advice over and over which leaves you motivated at the end but in total honesty, haven’t done a single thing towards solving your problem, Shaun has made this book as actionable as he could. Cutting through the clutter, The Antidote is a book that you will go back to at different points of your life and have a complete new perspective of it. This First Edition is raw and speaks from the heart of the average citizen in an effort to help those who faces the same problems as him.

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