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The Adventures Of Suppandi – 1 (Tinkle)

Tinkle is one of the most beloved and popular comic books of India. Many Indian children have a collection of the Tinkle comic books at home and has entered at least one of their famous creative competitions. The books are a hilarious and entertaining bunch of stories of various lovable characters. One such character is Supandi, the lovable goof who blunders around, befuddling and irritating a long string of employers.

The Adventures Of Suppandi is a classic Tinkle edition that focuses only on Suppandi’s goofy adventures. The comic book lists many of the Suppandi tales featuring different stories of how Suppandi succeeded yet again, in bewildering his current employer with his weird antics. What makes this comic so entertaining is the way the character is portrayed. The sincere effort of Suppandi to please his boss is always eclipsed by his slightly dull brain and his strange sense of logic. This results in a hilarious and unexpected turn of events, which always leaves Suppandi’s bosses scratching their heads or tearing their hair out.

The Adventures Of Suppandi also includes many other attractive things apart from the various humorous tales of Suppandi’s antics. The comic book includes brain teasing puzzles, colouring pages, ingenious and creative ideas for crafts, and various other activities. In addition, the comic book also includes a special introduction to the origin of Suppandi as a character. The book was published by Amar Chitra Katha Private Limited in 2010 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • The comic book is a must have for all Tinkle collectors, young and old.
  • The book is an entertaining and productive way to entertain children.

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