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Stylista Water Proof and Reusable Mat/Bed Protector/Absorbent Dry Sheet Size Small 19×28 inches Navy Blue

Stylista Waterproof/Reusable Bed protector These bedsheets are made up of terry material at the top and underneath lamination from quality polyester makes it smooth and waterproof , Material is Oeka- tex standard which means it hygienically tested and safe to the soft skin of your toddlers, Washable and can be sterilized in hot water, Very good alternative to traditional PVC mats, rexine-sheets, rubber-sheets & under-pads, baby mat PVC sheets and mats, Stylista baby bed sheets are breathable and doesn’t generate heat, Available in many sizes, from toddlers small beds to big queen and king-sized beds. REUSABLE- Can Be Used A Minimum Of 45 Times These mats are washable and reusable. They are made of organic material. The other side of the mattress is made of Rexine material so it can be used as a diaper changing mat as well. The mat is lightweight and is carried along with you wherever you go. It can be used again and again after being washed which makes the mat more economical as it is a multifunctional mat. ABSORBS 8 TIMES MORE (8X capacity) The mattress protector can absorb and hold up to 8 times more the weight of water and dries immediately. The fabric of this absorbent sheet is soft and skin-friendly with no side effects like rashes or bedsores. It helps keep the mattress clean and dry avoiding germs and bacteria to remain. The fabric is super soft for any kind of skin type especially babies. Unlike rubber sheets that causes a lot of heat Stylista mattress protector is pretty absorbent and avoids bed sores one of your main concerns. The fabric has an extra dry layer which helps prevent bed wetting.

It is a good alternative to the traditional pvc sheets and mats because this material is skin friendly and generate no extra heat.
Washable and even with the hot water of 70 degrees celcius can be easily sterilized
It absorb a lot of water as much as 8 times of its weight which means it protects the mattress as well keep your baby safe
These products are OEKO-tex qaulity standard, Suitable for toddlers and bedridden patients

Steps to Get Stylista Water Proof and Reusable Mat/Bed Protector/Absorbent Dry Sheet Size Small 19×28 inches Navy Blue.