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Stylista Big Size Blanket Cover/Under Bed Storage Box one Unit

Stylista Big Underbed Moisture Proof Storage Bag/Blanket Cover with Zippered Closure and Handle The bag can be folded back when not in use. It collapses flat for saving precious storage space. This Wardrobe Organizer keeps your quilts, blankets, pillows, bedsheets, towels, summer, and winter clothing organized. It is perfect for storing those off-season things not needed. It easily goes inside the wardrobe, in the bed storage section, shelves, and reduces clutter in wardrobes and closets. Breathable, Waterproof, durable, moisture-proof and fabric protects from moths, water, dust and keeps it. High absorbency power gets rid of odors and smells, keeping it fresh and clean. Easy To Carry : Ideal for clothes, comforters, bedding, pillows, blanket linen, and other bulky items. perfectly stitched, it folds for space-saving storage with one zippered small pocket. Perfect Storage Bag for Quilts, Pillows, Blankets, Sweaters, Clothes and More Foldaway or collapse flat under a bed or in drawers when not in use — Zipper closure protects against dust, pest, water damage, and smell. Carry handles lift bags for stacking or transporting from place-to-place — Easily moves to shelves, closets, etc — Quickly pack/unpack between seasons, traveling, moving, or as needed Dust Moisture Proof Fabric Keeps it Damp-Proof, Dust-Proof, Moth-Proof and Free from Odors and Smells. Zippered Closure Opens and Closes the Bag Easily and with one small zippered pocket. Easy to Clean with a Wet Cloth or Small Brush, water resistance, Portable Lightweight and Foldable makes It Easy To Move From Place To Place.

Dustproof storage box, can be use as under bed storage or simply placing in almirah
Made from good quality fabric, easy to clean
Zipper incloser helps in easy packing and unpacking
Handle provided to carry them with ease, big in size the approx volume of the cuboid cover is 110 lires or 110000 cubic cm.

Steps to Get Stylista Big Size Blanket Cover/Under Bed Storage Box one Unit.