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Short, Not So Sweet: A collection of short stories

“Every story has a happy ending.”
“All’s well that ends well.”
Right? Well, what if it isn’t?
A delectable Biryani that feels a little too tangy on your palate. A son emulates his father but slightly differently, eluding his tryst with destiny. A struggling artist takes a detour via a road not taken, and that makes all the difference. Star-crossed lovers defy all odds to stay together, entwine like they never imagined. An unbreakable bond of friendship between two friends that leaves one of them unusually incomplete.
‘Short, Not So Sweet’ is a fictional collection of 14 such short stories that will stoke an unsettling whirlpool of emotions within you. Each story will resonate with the reader and leave a strong lingering afterimage. Are you game for a soul-stirring rollercoaster ride of words?

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