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Saffola Active Blended Oil Pouch(4 x 1 L)

Keeping your weight in check is essential to be healthy. The first and foremost thing that leads to weight gain is mindless eating. So make a smart choice by eating home cooked food that is prepared using the Saffola Active Blended oil. This oil is made by combining the benefits of the LOSORB technology, dual seed technology, and antioxidants. It also ensures less oil adsorption. LOSORB Technology This technology ensures less oil absorption without affecting the taste of the dish. So, you can cook yummy meals and enjoy them without any change in the taste. Vitamin A and D It also contains the goodness of Vitamin A and D, which are help fight against diseases such as night blindness. It also helps to build strong bones. Dual Seed Technology This Saffola Pro Weight Watchers edible oil also contains a rich blend of refined rice bran oil (80%) and soyabean oil (20%). So you can reap the benefits of both the oils at the same time.

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