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Lucifer’s Box (Short Thrills Book 5)

Dear Reader,

Everyone wants something.

Bus sometimes it’s so hard to find out what you want, that you’re willing to use "unusual" ways to achieve it.

John, the character in this story has been on a never ending search for love, when his latest attempt goes to shambles, an unexpected helper appears to him.

The lord of the underworld himself: Lucifer. He hands John a box that can make every woman his…

In it, you will find out:

– Why deals with the devil rarely fails because of the devil himself but because of human beings and their terrible behavior.

– This story is not for the fainthearted, there are scenes that will put you off (and that’s the best thing about it…)

– A type of horror that feels lovecraftian in a new kind of way – which is why, while reading this, you might feel like this type of story is familiar but isn’t at the same time (…read it to understand better what I mean.)

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