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LG 14.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P1860RWN5, Light Gray)

LG P1860RWN5 Semiautomatic washing machines equipped with roller jet pulsator rotates the clothes effectively & Washes out every stain from the clothes for best wash performance. Now choose between 4 wash programs –Gentle, Normal, strong & soak depending on you fabric type. Faster Drying of clothes with LG air dry helps you save time & effort. Also have “Punch+3” features one main pulsator and three mini pulsators around. The punch action creates three powerful streams of water which move repeatedly the laundry up and down in the drum ensuring that the tough soil is removed from your laundry. This unique structure of pulsator brings optimal washing action to your washer. Rat Away technology keeps the rat away from damaging your machines. The soaking option allows your clothes to soak in a concentrated detergent solution to ensure that you win half the battle against dirt. The presence of the lint collector is essential because it ensures that the lint from your clothes does not clog the machine or the drains. The spin shower system washes off the soap residue to leave your clothes sparklingly clean. The collar scrubber makes your job easy. The air dryer ensures to dry your clothes by at least 40%. Rats do not dare to come near your device because of Rat Away Technology at work.

Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine
Capacity 14 kg: Suitable for Large families
Warranty: 2 years
3 Wash Programs;
Plastic body with transparent top; Soak and Air Dry features
Country of Origin: India

Steps to Get LG 14.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P1860RWN5, Light Gray).