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Introducing Sociology Textbook for Class – 11 – 11104

A great tool for the introduction to Sociology, this Introducing Sociology Textbook will be ideal for the students, who are to appear for their final examination of class 11. The enriched content follows close parity with the syllabus and guidelines that have been set by the CBSE. Published by NCERT, it guarantees thorough learning in the form of easy to grasp, clear English.

Topics covered in this book:
• Sociology And Society
• Terms, Concepts And Their Use In Sociology
• Understanding Social Institutions
• Culture And Socialisation
• Doing Sociology: Research Methods

Salient Features:
1. Gives an idea about the issues that led to the formulation of the sociology and also the inequalities and pluralities of the society.
2. Students will have a better knowledge of the culture and the terms of sociology.
3. ‘Activity task’ provided in every chapter, when put into application, helps the students to have a better understanding of the concept.
4. Illustrations and tabular representations make the learning easy for the students.
5. ‘Glossary’ section provides the simplification or explanation of the toughest expressions that have been used throughout the chapters.
6. Chapters have been divided into subchapters so as to keep the students hooked on to the interesting topics, one at a time.
7. Exercises that are included at the end of every chapter let the students self-evaluate their knowledge base.
8. Omitting jargons, it let the students understand the elementary concepts of Sociology.

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