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Expand: The Conscious Parent-Child Life Journey

Expand The Conscious Parent-Child Life Journey
Mrs. Poornima Swamy & Ms. Dhaanya

Mrs. Poornima Swamy
She is a renowned Behavioural Resolution, Past Life Regression & Hypnosis Practitioner, Integrated Healer, Certified Trichologist who handles Mind Health, Trichological, and Behavioral resolution such as Trichotillomania in Children and youngsters! She is also an MD in Acupuncture, Certified as Varma Guru in Varma Treatments. Holds a wide experience of 12+ years of Practicing in the field of Mind and Health. She is also mother to Ms. Dhaanya, a kid who has just entered teenage (Thirteen years old). Dhaanya is also the Co-author of this book.
Ms. Dhaanya
Dhaanya is a student studying in the ninth grade. She is a fun loving, emotional, caring, and sensitive child. To put it simply, she is a mixed fruit juice, like any other kid. She can become a sweetheart of anybody who comes her way, because of her caring nature. That is how she joined me in my journey and made it to be “our journey” together. Evolve Resolve Reset is the platform where she is an integral part, and plays a role to train young minds to speak, and find their passion. She also helps them in their entrepreneurial journey and guides them on their startups. She helps them follow their heart., and make them understand, the needs of building a passion and business, around what the world needs today! In short, she’s a young business coach too!

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