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Dreamland Kid’s: 2nd Activity Book – Maths – Age 4+ (Kid’s Activity Books)

Dreamland Kid’s second activity book for math is suitable for kids in the age group of 4-5. The book is specially designed for the small kids keeping in mind their level.

The book consists of Plenty of activities for kids, progressing from tracing the numbers, simple counting, joining the numbers with dots and lots more.

The book has good content with colourful pictures making it interesting for them. The book helps in enhances the children’s grasping and understanding of basic concepts in numerical.

About the author

Dreamland Publications is a publishing house for children’s literature. All sorts of books catering for the needs and interests of children are published by us. The authors of these books are experienced teachers/educationists who have devoted and dedicated themselves to the service of children by producing the best literature for them. The books designed by the most renowned artists of India are printed on 4-colour printing machines which use state-of-the-art technology and the paper used in these books comes from A1 paper mills. The best features of their books are: subject matter, illustrations, paper quality, syllabus and the price.

From the Publisher

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    Tool to Drive Away the Fear of Mathematics

        Mathematics   is one subject that is the fear of almost all the students. To drive away   this fear and make the subject more interesting than ever, Dreamland Kid's   2nd Activity Book-Maths is a collection of a variety of interesting activities based on Mathematical concepts.

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    Fun and Fascinating Activities

        All   the activities in this book are designed attractively, keeping the concept   and young scholars' interest in mind. Ranging from a simple activity such as   tracing to a bit challenging activity of rearranging the number names, the   book is sure to keep the young minds engaged for hours. The activities will   not only build, nurture and strengthen the numerical ability of the young   minds but will also make the concepts interesting.

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    Classic Resource for Age 4+

        Age   appropriate activities are artistically and attractively designed to   captivate the young minds. They will happily solve the activities and stay   engaged for hours. Amazingly beautiful illustrations coupled with specific   and clear instructions make learning Maths fun and drive away the boredom.

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