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Current Affairs Yearly 2020(English, Paperback, unknown)

This year the world has marked some of the common dates as the Special ones with the flurryof incidents that has made the headlines in both national and International levels from thelaunch of Chandrayaan2 to the appointment of first female PM in Belgium. The rise of a worldas a global village and increasing competition in the job sector where aspirants are judged bythe knowledge of his surrounding resulted in creating an indomitable role of current affairs in oureveryday life. It occupies special importance in the competitive examination like Civil Services,Banking, Insurance Sector jobs, etc.The Competition in Focus publishes the monthly magazine for Current Affairs that makeacquaintance to the readers with all the current events happening the around us. The �CurrentAffairs Yearly 2020� provides the record and analysis of worldwide incidents of the whole year.The magazine covers all topics of �Inside the Pages�; (National Reviews, International Reviews,India & the World Economy & Banking, Science & Technology, Space Technology, Defence &Security, Sports Panorama, State Affairs, Awards & Honours) and �Miscellaneous� (FamousPersons, Appointment, Resignation, Persons Died, Books & Authors Places in News) in asummarized form, besides from all the news it also includes more than 500 MCQs for thepractice purpose and lastly Who�s Who Section introduces with Indian Political System and theirrespective duties to the readers.In general, it provides pointwise Study-material of Current Affairs for Competitive Exams,Presentation of Facts, Data and Tables to Understand Easily, so that you have a robust andeffective preparation for your exams.TABLE OF CONTENTSInside the Pages: National Reviews, International Reviews, India & the World Economy &Banking, Science & Technology, Space Technology, Defence & Security, Sports Panorama,State Affairs, Awards & Honours, Miscellaneous: Famous Persons, Appointment, Resignation,Persons Died, Books & Authors Places in News, 500+ MCQs, Who�s Who?

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