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Copy Colour – Animals (Copy Colour Books)

Focused towards developing artistic skills in children, Copy Colour: Animals (Copy Colour Books) offers young artists a prefect platform to learn proper colouring skills by copying images of animals. The book has 16 different images to keep children interested in the activity without getting bored. The book has thick and non-porous sheets allowing kids to use colouring tools of their choice.

This book would not only help kids to learn the name of colours and their difference but also about different animals. They will be closely learning about all the physical key traits of different animals, while colouring the pictures. The book comes with large images, makes colouring easier for kids. It is ideal for kids of age 3 to 5. Let your kids have fun while learning how to properly use colors with Copy Colour: Animals (Copy Colour Books).

About the author:

Dreamland Publications publishes all sort of books related to children’s literature. Focusing on the interest and needs of children, the company prints a large variety of books. A team of experienced teachers and educationists work with Dreamland Publications to produce the best literature for children. Recently, they have also started producing books for adults. Designed by some of the renowned artists of India, the company uses state-of-the-art printing technology and high quality paper to produce books. While designing a book, Dreamland Publications ensure to maintain excellence in every field, be it language, illustrations, subject-matter, paper quality or syllabus.

From the Publisher

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Copy Colour: Animals

Copy Colour: Animals

Copy Colour: Animals

Copy Colour: Animals

Copy Colour: Animals

Copy Colour: Animals

    Unique Colouring Resource for Young Artists 

        An   young mind who has just turned towards the world of colours, will find Copy   Colour Animals to be an unique colouring resource. There are 16 pages with   different animals to colour in this book. The young artists can use any type   of colour- crayon or pencil colour etc.

    Interesting Introduction to the World of Animals

        Colouring   the pictures of different animals will prove to be an interesting   introduction to the world of animals. The young minds will know about the   different kinds of animals and how they look in the real-life. For easy   recognition of the animal, its name is also given on the page.

    Fascinating Way to Develop Important Skills

        All   the pictures are drawn with bold outline and bigger shapes so that the young   artists can colour them easily, without going out of the boundary. This   colouring activity will not only develop the important skills like motor   skills, patience etc. in a fascinating way but also will keep the young minds   engaged in an effective manner.

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