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Conscience of a Con artist (The Inglorious Charlatan Book 1)

A comic take on a pathological liar turned con-artist by his judging conscience as they accompany a theatre artist on her dream. With the help of the Inglorious Charlatan, the artist rises as an actress, only to be pushed into an unmountable abyss, so grim that it was often mistaken for a black hole. Will the con-artist break his clan’s code of honour to return the theatre artist to normalcy?
In a wrangle of righteousness between the conman whose appreciation of morality always mirrored his mark’s, and his unyielding guilt-ridden conscience with an unwavering veneration for truth, a turn of events fueled by persistence, fate and philosophy forces them to evaluate their stand on the questions:
What is the truth worth?
What can one forego to stand for the truth?
And when is lying acceptable?
Join the con-artist on an introspective yet comical journey to discover the answers to questions that his conscience chased for a lifetime.
Spoiler: To lie or not to lie is not the ultimate question.

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