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Aken® Heavy-Duty Low Noise Premium Air Curtain with Dual Speed Modes (5 Feet)

Why choose Aken Premium Air Curtain?
Aken Premium Air Curtain comes with super thin alloy anti-erosive body and patent design of arc shape appearance. The aluminium alloy case is fireproof and 100% anti-rust to prolong the use time. The unit also has lower air volume with less noise makes it more suitable for restaurant front door to ensure your dine-in customer will not be interrupted by the sound.
With the use of German electrical machinery technology, Aken Air Curtains promises 5,000 consecutive hours running of the motor. It is extremely easy to operate and install..

Where does it serve?
Aken Air Curtain has High/Low switch mode and widely installed at different entrances.
High Speed Mode: Powerful air blow is for regular 7 to 8 feet or any higher entrances.
Low Speed Mode: Low speed is for quiet area and any lower entrances.
Drive-thru window,

Made in India : Long Life
This product is completely made in India at our manufacturing facility. It is made of solid metal and high quality electronic parts. So unlike those chinese imported air curtains, it will last for years and years to come.

14 Months Warranty
We provide 14 months warranty against manufacturing defects. If you have any concern about the product packaging or problem with product damages, please don’t hesitate to contact us via order page or ask a question via seller page. We will try our best to answer your questions in order to provide quality service and great purchasing experience.

Unit Dimensions (mm) : 1500x230x230
Power Consumption: 660 W
Installation Height: Upto 8ft
Noise (dB): 45-55
Air Velocity (m/s): 21

ISOLATE INTERIOR FROM EXTERIOR ENVIRONMENT: Aken Air Curtain drives a powerful low noise air flow which blocks 90% of Heat, Cold air, Dust, Insects, Smoke, Odors and Gas. It could help you to save energy cost by keeping the conditioned air inside.
DUAL SPEED MODES: High Speed Mode drives powerful air blow suitable for high entrance (Warehouse, supermarket, restaurant and residential back doors). Low Speed Mode having less noise is suitable for quiet area and lower entrances. (Office, home, store, drive-thru window, restaurant front doors)
EASY INSTALLATION: Refer to Technical Specification User Manual, installation should be easy. 1) Mount the detachable mounting plate securely. 2) Hang the air curtain up. 3) Plug it in and you are done.
PROFESSIONAL TECH SUPPORT: Aken’s high quality product reputation and supreme customer service is a guarantee. Aken Air Curtains are covered with 14 months warranty against manufacturing defects so you can rest assured.

Steps to Get Aken® Heavy-Duty Low Noise Premium Air Curtain with Dual Speed Modes (5 Feet).