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3 Stories: Narendranath Mitra (Translated) (BEE Books E-book)

1. This translation is a unique translation by Arunava Sinha of Narendranath Mitra’s works from Bengali to English. Permission for the same has been rightfully taken. This particular translation copyright belongs to Arunava Sinha and publication rights belong to BEE Books.

Narendranath Mitra (1916-1975) characterises his short stories with understated emotions, subtly portrayed through captivating narratives. The three stories in this anthology deal with hope and hopelessness,and the joys, sorrows and insecurities of the general urban populace—people who might be our real-life friends or acquaintances. It is the interactions among them that form the crux of his stories. Mitra’s stories reach their elevated status through his women characters. He delves deep into their psyche to render them more appealing.

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