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101 idiOts

Once upon a time there were 101 boys who used to live at a place called Boys Hostel. All of them wanted to get success in life. Soon they started missing their families and friends. There were sadness and depression all over. Storms of tears started visiting their nights with sadness and distress. Until they realised the Power Of Unity that later transformed their tears of sorrows into dance of smile. Then they though their individual battle of life by being united. Witness their jouney of wiining together in the book "101 idiOts".

This book unfolds the greatest Bravery Battles that are won together. #boyshostelunited2020.
Life at hostel teaches you how to be happy even if you had a bad day, because apart from you, 100 are still there to make you smile by their funny acts through-out the day and night.  
We at boys hostel doesn’t pretend to be big, but we are not even smaller from the threats, problems and difficulties of enemies (life). We are like the air; you will find us where the cooling is needed the most. 
We stand for making future by not destroying the present and smiling on the past. 

The “101 idiOts” provides more than a factual description of the happy, sad, funny and inspirational incidents of the college life. It invites the reader to think for her or him-self by posing challenging questions, to collect and use evidence mentioned in the book through investigations, and to explore new topics about how we can inspire students to lead a more quality life.

People of today will have to make a decision that will affect the quality of world environment around and quality of life in this college as well. To prepare for tomorrow, we the young people must know real life and a deep sense of how to use the joke, anecdotes, sarcasm in the right way to fuel your engine.
What better ways to provide this knowledge than through a book full of scientific, mechanical and technological information appropriate to the begging levels of interests while leading a LEGENDARY college life?

As with all large reference books published in the same topic, the story contained in the 
IHM LUCKNOW BOYS HOSTEL 2020 Presents “ 101 idiOts”  is the work of 101 students who lived in this hostel during the session of 2020; those who compiled the information as well as those who discovered the original ideas. It is the work which will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the hostel world. 

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